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About the Shirt

Details of the shirt

Our exclusive creative director has been developed each of our master patterns to maximize the fit and comfort. To achieve the best quality of a shirt, we are particular about details such as cutting , sewing by flat-felled seam and single needle stitching.


Our fabric collections include both the finest imported fabrics from all over the wold and the finest domestic Japanese fabrics. Since a shirt is frequently worn and touches directly on the skin, its fabric is required to have fine materials and enough durability. All of our fabric collections are chosen for qualities, designs and reasonable price ranges.


We hope to create a piece of our shirt to be an important item for anyone’s life style who is in active all over the world. Not only the shirt style itself, but we also pay attention to the trend of suit style seriously to create the best combination of total stylish look.


Our factory's located by scenic beautiful seaside of Tamano city in Okayama. Every single small details that we go to great lengths to make a piece of shirt, such as lockstitch, yokes, cuffs, gussets and buttons, creates our established shirts by both craftsmanships and new technologies.

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