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Since the establishment in 1952 as a shirt maker named 土井縫工所(Doihoukousho), Do-1 sewing havs manufactured dress shirts for many high-end brands. In the Japanese made-to-measure industry, we have become one of the most recognized companies which specializes in made-to-measure garments, and this has resulted in our products being reliable for many types of customers: a department store, a tailoring house and a fashion boutique. Besides manufacturing garments, we also contribute to textile development in cooperation with global textile/fiber companies, to build on our success in the industry. We continue to honor our promise of manufacturing our garments with historical craftsmanship and a spirit which has been the core of our company for 60 years, for all who wear our garments, whenever in the world, can feel the essence of the craftsmanship and truly feel confidence, pride and dignity in all they do.

Company Name Do-1 Sewing Inc.
Date Founded April,1952
Date Established April,1982 incorporated
Headquarters Room No.307 Bldg. No.4 Semba-Center Bldg. 2-1-4 Sembachuo Chuo-Ku Osaka Japan. 541-0055
TEL: 06-6267-1501 FAX: 06-6267-1588
Main Office 6-16-18, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Sando-Harajuku Building 5 floor, 150-0001
TEL: 03-6450-6181 FAX: 03-6450-6182
Okayama Factory /
Okayama Product Management & distribution Center
16-2, Myojin-cho, Tamano city, Okayama, 706-0025
TEL: 0863-81-1126 FAX: 0863-81-1170
Do-1 USA Inc.
300 7th St, Brooklyn, New York
NY 11215, United States


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