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Doone Sinfonia

The supremecollection label presented by Do-1 Sewing. The collection achieves our most luxury detailed shirts made out with high-quality imported fabrics, full fabric pattern matching, set-in tailored sleeves, mother of pearl buttons, a split yoke, etc….


Our signature custom-made shirt collection, will offer you a shirt for your any occasions. The style to be unique but not flamboyant, classical but not old fashioned. The style created with classic traditional elegance and trend of the latest fashion sense.



Our original brand label. 土井縫工所 (Doihokosho) goes great length to make a great quality shirt from Japan for people who are active in the world.



DO-1 Sewing original ladies' collection. The brand name "e. lab" sounds "えらぶ" which means to choose/select in Japanese. To choose your any sizes, to choose your favorite designs for every woman. The name also comes with our wish of to be a "laboratory" to create and develop an innovative fashion essentials. Facebook Page here

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